Unique PushFit system for 3.2 series.

HTPpush3.2 is the solution in countries which internals approvals and standards require pipe with more thickness (pipe of 3.2 series). In these case HTPpush3.2 is your solution and your unique PushFit solution.


HTPpush3.2 is the Universal System for Plumbing and Heating, Ideal for refurbishment and new buildings, used by professionals.

Faster, Easier, Safety and with the most compatible of the market because is the unique system designed to work perfectly with PE-X, PE-X EVOH, PE-RT, PE-RT EVOH from any pipe manufacturer produced under 3.2 series standards. Obtaining perfect and guaranteed joints in all cases, due to its patent system of double, internal and external water tightness gasket.

HTPpush3.2 provides to professionals, the widest range in the market. We have the perfect component in each situation without resorting to metal connections in any case. Using in its production the best raw materials which give it properties to work in a temperature range of 150ºC/-40ºC and pressures of 100 bar, totally avoiding the corrosion risk and reaching hygienic levels, thermal and acoustic insulation very higher than on metallic systems.

One click to get..One click to recover... HTP technology makes it so fast introduction into the fitting as its extraction of the pipe in all dimensions and rage without having to use complicated tools with expensive investment and maintenance costs. And all of this avoiding fitting disassemble therefore avoiding the risk of bad manipulation of internal necessary components for proper functioning of system.

Architects, professionals builders and finally, the user and consumer, benefit from our technology with a high degree of profitability and customer satisfaction.