The best Modular Manifolds System

The concept of HTPmod is keep the installation core in only one place therefore concentrating all the maintenances or possible fails in only one place by other hand with this installation type obtain installations simple and saves installation time.


HTPmod modular manifolds system comprehend a complete range of items which, jointly with the pre-assembled kits available, brings the professional installer a unique flexibility in terms of making the right solution for each single project. Due to the modular structure, we can offer distribution units for single family homes up to high rise buildings since the range including from 2 up to 13 loops manifold.

HTPmod modular manifolds are supplied either pre-assembled or by separated pieces, which allows stock savings. From simple kit of 2 loops up to a 13 loops manifold adding modules.

HTPmod modular manifolds for hot & cold applications come preassembled in two different versions:

- PPSU (Polyphenilsulfone) up to 95 ºC.

- PPA (Reinforced Poliamid) up to 70 ºC.

All components and modules can be easily assembled with only a simple click!

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